University Malaya 12th College

By | February 7, 2018

University Malaya 12th College

University Malaya 12th College,  12th Residential College or known as Raja Dr Nazrin Shah is the newest and largest of all the 12 residential colleges in the University of Malaya. The Twelfth Residential College was completed in 2002, and is a collection of five interconnected buildings, Block A, Block B, the Cafeteria, Block C and Block D. The college is named after his Majesty, His Royal Highness Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah Ibni Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah, who honoured the University by opening the Residential College in a ceremony on the 26th of February 2005.
From a research farm which was later developed on the initiative of the university administration, this college is designed with unique architecture to accommodate the influx of new students to the University of Malaya. This college is able to accommodate a total of 2990 inmates at a time. This residential college provides the University’s many undergraduates and postgraduates with some of the newest facilities in UM. The college only provides lodging, but the cafeteria is a very popular destination even among visitors to the residential college due to its accessibility and affordability. There are currently approximately 2000 students staying at the Residential College. The security office also has its main office here.
College with the concept of ‘open college’ was opened on June 1, 2002 and became fully operational in November 2002. By standing proudly on a site measuring 66030 square meters, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah Residential College has 2 blocks of male students and 2 blocks of female student, with lake at the middle of those 2 blocks. More of its uniqueness, Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah is the only residential college with a lift in the resident’s block and here lies the Security Office of the University of Malaya.


logo Kolej 12
Logo of 12th Residential College
– Kris and Jawi script and heritage symbolize sovereignty of the Malay Rulers and the national culture.
– Four rounded lines mean academic staff, management and professional staff, support staff and students come together to achieve excellence in residential colleges to move towards a glorious success.
– Red-blue color symbolizes the spirit of unity.
– White symbolizes sincerity and moral behavior.
– The two books on the left and right as well as the yellow color stands for high-value knowledge center.
– “Excellent Towards Glory” is the motto of 12th Residential College, University of Malaya.


Kolej Kediaman
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