Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Opac

By | March 5, 2018

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Opac

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Opac,below is Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Opac


  • How to use the Library Catalog


  • How can I search for a book in the Library? (OPAC)
    1. Search the library collection using our catalog known as LESTARI-OPAC.
    2. If you have searched the catalog and are trying to figure out the status of the book (e.g. Available, Due DD/MM/YY) and/or location of the item (e.g. PSZJB) see quick guides to item status and location codes. If the book is currently on loan, you can reserve the item. However, not all items can be reserved.
    3. Once you have retrieved the book from the shelves (for Open Access items) you can check-out the item at the Circulation Counter or the self-check machine using your matric card and PIN.
    4. On the other hand, if you are not able to find the book you want, you can use our Interlibrary Loan service. This service is available to graduate student or academic/research staff, which allow them to request for item not available in UTM Library. We will try to locate the item in other academic libraries and have it delivered to UTM Library. Then, user can borrow the item at the Circulation Counter.


  • Can I search all the resources of the UTM Library in one search? (OPAC)
    LESTARI-OPAC searches almost all content from UTM Library’s printed and digital collections, including books, articles, photographs, manuscripts, data, sound recordings and much more. More details are available at www.library.utm.my


  • What is LESTARI-OPAC? (OPAC)
    LESTARI-OPAC is the online public access catalog that provides details to the library collection, including current status, location and number of copies available to ease users identifying them on the specific shelves.


  • How to get a call number from the LESTARI-OPAC? (OPAC)
    The call number is displayed as Shelf Number. Please write down that particular number before searching the shelf.


  • Can LESTARI-OPAC give some information whether the material is available on shelf or on loan? (OPAC)
    Yes. If the item is available on shelf, you will see the Status as Open Access. If it currently on loan, the Status column will display “Due Date MM/DD/YY”.