Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Library

By | February 28, 2018

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Library

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Library, UTM Library occupies a central location at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) main campus in Skudai. It has a branch at the UTM Kuala Lumpur and also branches at several faculties, learning centres and Centres of Excellence. UTM Library was officiated by Her Majesty Sultanah Zanariah, the Chancellor of University Teknologi Malaysia on 3rd February 1991.

As an integral component of the academic programme, UTM Library supports the university’s teaching, learning, research, consultancy and publication activities. Its services and collection development activities are geared towards fulfilling the need for library materials and information in the university’s core area of Science and Technology. Nevertheless, UTM Library also has a good Humanities and Social Science collection to support courses in these areas which are offered by several faculties.

Library Opening Hours

The Library area was extended to 23,781 sq feet by taking over the Finance Office which had moved to its new building. Seating capacity was only for 300 readers only. In April 1983, the new 4 story Library building was completed with an area of 965,650 sq feet it was able to accommodate 1,000 readers.
In May 1985, some of the Library collection, particularly in the fields of Architecture, were moved to the branch Library in Skudai. This is the initial phase of moving the collection to the newly built main Library in UTM Skudai. By December 1988, most of the Library collections are relocated at the Main Library and the Library in UTM Kuala Lumpur Campus became the branch Library. To date, the Library is servicing some 5,000 users comprising of mostly Diploma students
The number of collections in UTMKL is approximately 96000 of printed and non-printed related with engineering, technology, and social science field. Currently, the library is servicing users mainly from Postgraduate from a variety of school in UMTKL comprising of Perdana School, International Business School, Razak School,  MJIIT and few of the undergraduate students including UTM Space. There are also two libraries branches in UTMKL located at Razak Tower Building and MJIIT building. The two library branches specialized on the core business of each faculty.