Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Campus

By | March 1, 2018

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Campus

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Campus, UTM has 2 campuses, namely the 1,222 hectare main campus in Skudai, Johor Bahru, located about 18 kilometers from the Sultan Ismail Airport of Johore Bahru, Malaysia, and an 18 hectare branch campus, situated at jalan Semarak, in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Main Campus Skudai


{mosimage}The main Campus in Skudai is ideally located almost centrally between the city of Johor Bahru and the Sultan Ismail Airport of Johor Bahru. Regular flights are available from our capital Kuala Lumpur. You can also get connecting flights from Sultan Ismail Airport to Kuching, Miri and Kota Kinabalu in East Malaysia.

Airport taxis are readily availabe at the airport for any location to and around the city or to the industrial outskirts of Johor Bahru. City cabs plies to all areas of the city and it’s outskirts.

It takes between 3 1/2 to 4 hours to drive down from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru.

Stage and express buses plies the length of out North-South Highway, which runs all the way from the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia (Johor Bahru) right up the border town of Bukit Kayu Hitam (border to Thailand). Connections are available to almost all major towns and urban centres around the country.

Malaysian Railways also travers the same north-south location with Kuala Lumpur Railway Station being the route exchange hub. Scenic travel to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, for example, is best done by this 18 hour train ride from Kuala Lumpur.

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City Campus Kuala Lumpur

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