Universiti Putra Malaysia Vice Chancellor

By | February 26, 2018

Universiti Putra Malaysia Vice Chancellor

Universiti Putra Malaysia Vice Chancellor ,below is Universiti Putra Malaysia Vice Chancellor
Office of the Vice-Chancellor or denoted as “PNC” is one highly important office in UPM which ensure university policies are being implemented in order to achieve excellence and sustainability. In addition to the Administration Division, this office also consists of other entities, namely, Internal Audit Division, Corporate Strategy and Communication Office (CoSComm), and lastly is Office of Occupational Safety and Health Management. In 2014 two additional units has been established namely Integrity Unit and Business Ralations Units. Latest addition to PNC is the Centre of Quality Assurance (CQA).


As a premier institution of learning, widely recognized for leadership in research and innovation, UPM continues to strive for excellence. In order to motivate the entire university community towards achieving excellence, it ensures that all the members, both students and members of staff, share the responsibility of strictly adhering to the demands of the University’s vision, mission and goals.
VISION » To become a university of international repute.  
MISSION » To make meaningful contributions towards wealth creation, nation building and universal human advancement through the exploration and dissemination of knowledge.
» Goal 1
Enhancing the Quality and Competitiveness of Graduates
» Goal 2
Creating Value through a Strong and Sustainable RDCE

» Goal 3

Boosting Industry and Community Networking Services
» Goal 4
Strengthening UPM as a Centre of Excellence in Agriculture
» Goal 5
Enhancing the Quality of Governance



UPM is committed to pursuit of excellence as a competitive university in near future. University Management Meeting which chaired by the Vice Chancellor of UPM will discuss university agenda and decision making accordance to national constitution, law and statute.



Administrative Division is the secretariat to the publication of the Annual Report of the University and this section is mainly ain for our customers to achieve online resources.
In addition to publishing the Annual Report of the University, this section also will provides a compilation of speeches delivered by he chancellor, pro chancellor and Vice Chancellor during an official function.


Inaugural Lecture

The Inaugural Lecture Series are given by honored faculty members within the university who have obtained the rank of full professor. This event gives the honoree the opportunity to deliver a lecture to fellow faculty and other university guests concerning their work and research interests.
The context of the lecture itself typically includes a summary of the evolution and nature of the honoree’s specialized field, highlights of some of the general issues of that particular field, and a description of how the honoree situates his/her work within their field.
UPM conducts this event to highlight and bring attention to the scholarly work that is being done by its distinguished faculty and to illustrate how the work contributes to mankind as a whole.
Inaugural Series by year:


 No. Title Professor Date
1. The Challenge to Communication Research in Extension Prof. Dr. Sulaiman M. Yassin 22 July 1989
2. Indigenous Materials and Technology for Low Cost Housing Prof. Ir. Abang Abdullah Abang Ali 30 August 1990
3. Plant Parasitic Nemtatodes, Lesser Known Pests of Agricultural Crops Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdul Razak 30 January 1993
4. Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations: A Historical Perspective Prof. Dr. Mohamed Suleiman 11 December 1993
5. Changing Roles of Agricultural Economics Prof. Dr. Mohd. Ariff Hussein 5 March 1994
6. Marketing Management: Prospects and Challenges for Agriculture Prof. Dr. Mohd. Ismail Ahmad 6 April 1994
7. The Changing Demand for Livestock Products Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mahyuddin Mohd. Dahan 20 April 1994
8. Plant Taxonomy, Biodiversity and Conservation Prof. Dr. Ruth Kiew 11 May 1994
9. Engineering Technological Developments Propelling Agriculture into the 21st Century Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd. Zohadie Bardaie 28 May 1994
10. Rock, Mineral and Soil Prof. Dr. Shamsuddin Jusop 18 June 1994
11. Natural Toxicants Affecting Animal Health and Production Prof. Dr. Abdul Salam Abdullah 29 June 1994
12. Pest Control: A Challenge in Applied Ecology Prof. Dr. Mohd. Yusof Hussein 9 July 1994
13. Managing Challenges in Fisheries Development through Science and Technology Prof. Dr. Kapt. Mohd. Ibrahim Haji Mohamed 23 July 1994
14. Sejarah Keagungan Bahasa Melayu Prof. Dr. Hj. Amat Juhari Moain 6 August 1994
15. Oil Pollution in the Malaysian Seas Prof. Dr. Law Ah Theem 24 September 1994
16. Fine Chemicals from Biological Resources: The Wealth from Nature Prof. Dr. Md. Nordin Hj. Lajis 21 January 1995
17. Health, Disease and Death in Creatures Great and Small Prof. Dr. Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman 25 February 1995
18. Fish Health: An Odyssey through the Asia – Pacific Region Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shariff Mohamed Din 25 March 1995
19. Chromosome Distribution and Production Performance of Water Buffaloes Prof. Dr. Tengku Azmi Tengku Ibrahim 6 May 1995
20. Bahasa Melayu sebagai Bahasa Ilmu­ Cabaran dan Harapan Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid Mahmood 10 June 1995
21. Extension Education for Industrialising Malaysia: Trends, Priorities and Emerging Issues Prof. Dr. Rahim Md. Sail 22 July 1995
22. The Diminishing Tropical Rain Forest: Causes, Symptoms and Cure Prof. Dr. Nik Muhammad Nik Abd. Majid 19 August 1995
23. The Evolution of an Environmentally Friendly Hatchery Technology for Udang Galah, the King of Freshwater Prawns and a Glimpse into the Future of Aquaculture in the 21st Century Prof. Dr. Ang Kok Jee 14 October 1995
24. Management of Highly Weathered Acid Soils for Sustainable Crop Production Prof. Dr. Sharifuddin Haji Abdul Hamid 28 October 1995
25. Fish Processing and Preservation: Recent Advances and Future Directions Prof. Dr. Yu Swee Yean 9 December 1995
26. Pesticide Usage: Concern and Options Prof. Dr. Rosli Mohamad 10 February 1996
27. Microbial Fermentation and Utilization of Agricultural Bioresources and Wastes in Malaysia Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ismail Abdul Karim 2 March 1996
28. Soil Physics: From Glass Beads to Precision Agriculture Prof. Dr. Wan Sulaiman Wan Harun 16 March 1996
29. Sustained Growth and Sustainable Development: Is there a Trade-Of) or Malaysia Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman 13 April 1996
30. Sharecropping in Perfectly Competitive Markets: A Contradiction in Terms Prof. Dr. Chew Tek Ann 27 April 1996
31. Back to the Future with the Sun Prof. Dr. Mohd. Yusuf Sulaiman 18 May 1996
32. Enzyme Technology: The Basis for Biotechnological Development Prof. Dr. Abu Bakar Salleh 8 June 1996
33. The Fascinating Numbers Prof. Dr. Kamel Ariffin Mohd. Atan 29 June 1996
34. Fungi: Friends or Foes Prof. Dr. Ho Yin Wan 27 July 1996
35. Genetic Diversity of Some Southeast Asian Animals: Of Buffaloes and Goats and Fishes Too Prof. Dr. Tan Soon Guan 10 August 1996
36. Will Rural Sociology Remain Relevant in the 21st Century? Prof. Dr. Nazaruddin Mohd. Jali 21 September 1996
37. Leptospirosis-A Model for Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Control of Infectious Diseases Prof. Dr. Abdul Rani Bahaman 16 November 1996
38. Plant Biotechnology – Strategies for Commercialization Prof. Dr. Marziah Mahmood 21 December 1996
39. Market Relationships in the Malaysian Fish Trade: Theory and Application Prof. Dr. Ishak Hj. Omar 22 March 1997
40. Food and Its Healing Power Prof. Dr. Suhaila Mohamad 12 April 1997
41. A Distributed Collaborative Environment for Distance Learning Applications Prof. Dr. Malay Raj Mukerjee 17 June 1998
42. Advancing the Fruit Industry in Malaysia: A Need to Shift Research Emphasis Prof. Dr. Wong Kai Choo 15 May 1999
43. Avian Respiratory and Immunosuppressive Diseases- A Fatal Attraction Prof. Dr. Aini Ideris 10 July 1999
44. Biological Control of Plant Pathogens: Harnessing the Richness of Microbial Diversity Prof. Dr. Sariah Meon 14 August 1999
45. The Endomycorrhiza: A Futile Investment? Prof. Dr. Azizah Hashim 23 October 1999
46. Molecular Plant Virology: The Way Forward Prof. Dr. Noraini Abdul Samad 2 February 2000
47. Do We Have Enough Clean Air to Breathe? Prof. Dr. Muhamad Awang 7 April 2000
48. Green Environment, Clean Power Prof. Dr. Lee Chnoong Kheng 24 June 2000
49. Managing Change in the Agriculture Sector: The Need for Innovative Educational Initiatives Prof. Dr. Mohd. Ghazali Mohayidin 12 January 2002
50. Analisis Pemasaran Pertanian di Malaysia: Keperluan Agenda Pembaharuan Prof. Dr. Fatimah Mohd. Arshad 26 January 2002
51. Fisheries Co-Management: An Institutional Innovation Towards Sustainable Fisheries Industry Prof. Dr. Nik Mustapha R. Abdullah 28 February 2002
52. Food Safety: Perspectives and Challenges Prof. Dr. Gulam Rusul Rahmat Ali 23 March 2002
53. Nutrient Management Strategies for Sustainable Crop Production in Acid Soils: The Role of Research Using Isotopes Prof. Dr. Zaharah A. Rahman 13 April 2002
54. Productivity Driven Growth: Problems & Possibilities Prof. Dr. Maisom Abdullah 27 April 2002
55. Immunodiagnosis and Vaccination for Brugian Filariasis: Direct Rewards from Research Investments Prof. Dr. Wan Omar Abdullah 6 June 2002
56. Agro-ento Bioinformation: Towards the Edge of Reality Prof. Dr. Syed Tajuddin Syed Hassan 22 June 2002
57. Sustainability of Tropical Animal-Agricultural Production Systems: Integration of Dynamic Complex Systems Prof. Dr. Dahlan Ismail 27 June 2002
58. The Economics of Exchange Rates in the East Asian Countries Prof. Dr. Ahmad Zubaidi Baharumshah 26 October 2002
59. Contractual Justice in Asean: A Comparative View of Coercion Prof. Dr. Shaik Md. Noor Alam S.M. Hussain 31 October 2002
60. Chemical Modification of Polymers: Current and Future Routes for Synthesizing New Polymeric Compounds Prof. Dr. Wan Md. Zin Wan Yunus 9 November 2002
61. Is the KLSE Efficient? Efficient Market Hypothesis vs Behavioural Finance Prof. Dr. Annuar Md. Nassir 23 November 2002
62. Road Safety Interventions in Malaysia: How Effective Are They? Prof. Ir. Dr. Radin Umar Radin Sohadi 21 February 2003
63. The New Shares Market: Regulatory Intervention, Forecast Errors and Challenges Prof. Dr. Shamsher Mohamad 26 April 2003
64. Blueprint for Transformation or Business as Usual? A Structurational Perspective of the Knowledge-Based Economy in Malaysia Prof. Dr. Han Chun Kwong 31 May 2003
65. Chemical Diversity of Malaysian Flora: Potential Source of Rich Therapeutic Chemicals Prof. Dr. Mawardi Rahmani 26 July 2003
66. An Ecological Approach: A Viable Option for Aquaculture Industry in Malaysia Prof Dr. Fatimah Md. Yusoff 9 August 2003
67. The Essential Fatty Acids-Revisited Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ali Rajion 23 August 2003
68. Psychotheraphy for Rural Malays -Does it Work? Prof Dr. Azhar Md. Zain 13 September 2003
69. Respiratory Tract Infection: Establishment and Control Prof Dr. Mohd. Zamri Saad 27 September 2003
70. Cocoa-Wonders for Chocolate Lovers Prof. Dr. Jinap Selamat 14 February 2004
71. High Temperature Superconductivity: Puzzle & Promises Prof- Dr. Abdul Halim Shaari 13 March 2004
72. Oils and Fats Analysis – Recent Advances and Future Prospects Prof. Dr. Yaakob Che Man 27 March 2004
73. Microwave Aquametry: A Growing Technology Prof. Dr. Kaida Khalid 24 April 2004
74. Tapping the Power of Enzymes- Greening the Food Industry Prof. Dr. Hasanah Mohd. Ghazali 11 May 2004
75. The Spider Mite Saga: Quest for Biorational Management Strategies Prof. Dr. Yusof Ibrahim 22 May 2004
76. The Education of At—Risk Children: The Challenges Ahead Prof. Datin Dr. Sharifah Md. Nor 26 June 2004
77. Agricultural Robot: A New Technology Development for Agro-Based Industry Prof. Dr. Ir. Wan Ishak Wan Ismail 14 August 2004
78. Insect Diseases: Resources for Biopesticide Development Prof. Dr. Ahmad Said Sajap 28 August 2004
79. The Interface of Work and Family Roles: A Quest for Balanced Lives Prof. Dr. Aminah Ahmad 11 March 2005
80. Challenges in Feeding Livestock: From Wastes to Feed Prof. Dr. Abdul Razak Alimon 23 April 2005
81. Helping Malaysian Youth Move Forward: Unleashing the Prime Enablers Prof. Dr. Haji Azimi Hj. Hamzah 29 April 2005
82. In Search of An Early Indicator of Kidney Disease Prof. Dr. Rasedee Abdullah 27 May 2005
83. Smart Partnership: Plant-Rhizobacteria Associations Prof. Dr. Zulkjfli Hj. Shamsuddin 17 June 2005
84. From the Soil to the Table Prof. Dr. Mohd Khanif Yusof 1 July 2005
85. Materials Science and Technology: Past, Present and the Future Prof. Dr. Annuar Kassim 8 July 2005
86. Enhancing Career Development Counselling and the Beauty of Career Games Prof. Dr. Othman Mohamed 12 August 2005
87. Engineering Agricultural Water Management Towards Precision Farming Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Amin Mohd Soom 26 August 2005
88. Bioremediation-A Hope Yet for the Environment? Prof. Dr. Mohd Arif Syed 9 September 2005
89. The Wonder of Our Neuromotor System and the Technological Challenges They Pose Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid Abdul Rashid 23 December 2005
90. Rumen Microbes and Some of Their Biotechnological Applications Prof. Dr. Norhani Abdullah 27 January 2006
91. Haemorrhagic Septicaemia in Cattle and Buffaloes: Are We Ready for Freedom? Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz Saharee 24 February 2006
92. Activating Teachers’Knowledge and Lifelong Journey in Their Professional Development Prof. Dr. Kamariah Abu Bakar 3 March 2006
93. Internet Unwired Prof. Dr. Borhanuddin Mohd. Ali 24 March 2006
94. Development and Innovation in the Fracture Management of Animals Prof. Dr. Sundararajan Thilagar 31 March 2006
95. Strategic Feeding for a Sustainable Ruminant Farming Prof. Dr. Zainal Aznam Md. Jelan 19 May 2006
96. Green Organic Chemistry: Enzyme at Work Prof. Dr. Mahiran Basri 14 July 2006
97. Towards Large Scale Unconstrained Optimization Prof. Dr. Malik Hj. Abu Hassan 20 April 2007
98. Trade and Sustainable Development.-Lessons from Malaysia I: Experience Prof. Dr. Khalid Abdul Rahim 22 June 2007
99. Econometric Modelling for Agricultural Policy Analysis and Forecasting: Between Theory and Reality Prof. Dr. Mad Nasir Shamsudin 13 July 2007
100. Managing Change – The Fads and The Realities: A Look at Process Reengineering, Knowledge Management and Blue Ocean Strategy Prof. Dr. Zainal Abidin Mohamed 9 November 2007
101. Expert Systems for Environmental Impacts and Eco tourism Assessments Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohamed Daud 23 November 2007
102. Pathogens and Residues; How Safe is Our Meat? Prof. Dr. Saleha Abdul Aziz 30 November 2007
103. Hubungan Sesama Manusia Prof Dr. Jayum A. Jawan 7 December 2007
104. Planning for Equal Income Distribution in Malaysia: A General Equilibrium Approach Prof. Dr. Zakariah Abdul Rashid 28 December 2007
105. Newcastle Disease virus: A Journey from Poultry to Cancer Prof Datin Paduka Dr. Khatijah Yusoff 11 January 2008
106. Palm Oil: Still the Best Choice Prof. Dr. Dzulkefly Kuang Abdullah 1 February 2008
107. Probing the Microscopic Worlds by Lonizing Radiation Prof. Dr. Elias Saion 22 February 2008
108. Waste-to- Wealth Through Biotechnology: For Profit, People and Planet Prof. Dr. Mohd Ali Hassan 28 March 2008
109. Metrology at Nanoscale: Thermal Wave Probe Made It Simple Prof. Dr. Mohd Maarof H. A. Moksin 11 April 2008
110. The Future of Pesticides Technology in Agriculture: Maximum Target Kill with Minimum Collateral Damage Prof. Dr. Dzolkhifli Omar 25 April 2008
111. Probiotics: Your Friendly Gut Bacteria Prof. Dr. Mohd. Yazid Abd. Manap 9 May 2008
112. Sustainable Supply of Wood and Fibre: Does Malaysia have Enough? Prof. Dr. Hamami Sahri 23 May 2008
113. Connecting the Bee Dots Prof. Dato’ Dr. Makhdzir Mardan 20 June 2008
114. Gender & Career: Realities and Challenges Prof. Dr. Maimunah Ismail 25 July 2008
115. Biochemistry of Xenobiotics: Towards a Healthy Lifestyle and Safe Environment Prof. Dr. Nor Aripin Shamaan 1 August 2008
116. Penjagaan Kesihatan Primer di Malaysia: Cabaran Prospek dan Implikasi dalam Latihan dan Penyelidikan Perubatan serta Sains Kesihatan di Universiti Putra Malaysia Prof. Dr. Mohd Yunus Abdullah 8 August 2008
117. Memanfaatkan Teknologi Maklumat & Komunikasi ICT untuk Semua Prof. Dr. Musa Abu Hassan 15 August 2008
118. Role of Media in Development: Strategies, Issues & Challenges Prof Dr. Md. Salleh Hj. Hassan 22 August 2008
119. Gender in Everyday Life Prof Dr. Jariah Masud 10 October 2008
120. Mainstreaming Environment: Incorporating Economic Valuation and Market -Based Instruments in Decision Making Prof Dr. Mohd Shahwahid Haji Othman 24 October 2008
121. Big Questions Small Worlds: Following Diverse Vistas Prof Dr. Son Radu 31 October 2008
122. Responding to Changing Lifestyles: Engineering the Convenience Foods Prof Dr. Russly Abdul Rahman 28 November 2008
123. Aesthetics in the Environment an Exploration of Environmental: Perception Through Landscape Preference Prof Dr. Mustafa Kamal Mohd Shariff 9 January 2009
124. Leadership Theories, Research & Practices: Farming Future Leadership Thinking Prof Dr. Abu Daud Silong 16 January 2009
125. Waste Management, What is the Choice: Land Disposal or Biofuel? Prof Dr. Azni Idris 23 January 2009
126. Freshwater Fish: The Overlooked Alternative Prof. Dr. Jamilah Bakar 30 January 2009
127. The Chemistry of Nanomaterial and Nanobiomaterial Prof. Dr. Mohd. Zobir Hussein 6 February 2009
128. Engineering Agricultural: Water Resources Prof. Ir. Dr. Lee Teang Shui 20 February 2009
129. Crop Breeding: Exploiting Genes for Food and Feed Prof. Dr. Ghizan Saleh 6 March 2009
130. Money Demand Prof. Dr. Muzafar Shah Habibullah 27 March 2009
131. In Search of Small Active Molecules Prof. Dr. Karen Anne Crouse 3 April 2009
132. Volunteerism: Expanding the Frontiers of Youth Development Prof. Dr. Turiman Suandi 17 April 2009
133. Industrializing Biotechnology: Roles of Fermentation and Bioprocess Technology Prof. Dr. Arbakariya Ariff 8 May 2009
134. Mechanics of Tillage Implements Prof. Ir. Dr. Desa Ahmad 12 June 2009
135. Photothermal and Photoacoustic: From Basic Research to Industrial Applications Prof. Dr. W Mahmood Mat Yunus 10 July 2009
136. Catalysis for a Sustainable World Prof Dr. Taufiq Yap Yun Hin 7 August 2009
137. Microbial Enzymes: From Earth to Space Prof Dr. Raja Noor Zaliha Raja Abd. Rahman 9 October 2009
138. Materials, Energy and CNGDI Vehicle Engineering Prof Ir. Dr. Barkawi Sahari 6 November 2009
139. Poultry Welfare in Modern Agriculture: Opportunity or Threat? Prof Dr. Zulkifli Idrus 13 November 2009
140. Managing Phosphorus: Under Acid Soils Environment Prof Dr. Mohamed Hanafi Musa 8 January 2010
141. Haruan Channa striatus a Drug Discovery in an Agro-Industry Setting Prof Dr. Abdul Manan Mat Jais 12 March 2010
142. Problematic Soils: In Search for Solution Prof Dr. Bujang bin Kim Huat 19 March 2010
143. Family Purchase Decision Making: Current Issues & Future Challenges Prof Dr. Samsinar Md Sidin 16 April 2010
144. Lightspeed: Catch Me If You Can Prof. Dr. Mohd Adzir Mahdi 4 June 2010
145. Designer Genes: Fashioning Mission Purposed Microbes Prof. Dr. Raha Hj. Abdul Rahim 18 June 2010
146. A Stroke of Hope, A New Beginning Prof. Dr. Hj. Hamidon Hj. Basri 2 July 2010
147. Going Hyperspectral: The “Unseen” Captured? Prof. Dr. Hj. Kamaruzaman Jusoff 16 July 2010
148. Concurrent Engineering for Composites Prof. Dr. Mohd Sapuan Salit 30 July 2010
149. Google the Earth: What’s Next? Prof. Dr. Shattri Mansor 15 October 2010
150. Haute Couture: Molecules & Biocatalysts Prof. Dr. Mohd Basyaruddin Abdul Rahman 29 October 2010
151. Poultry Vaccines: An Innovation for Food Safety and Security Prof. Dr. Mohd. Hair Bejo 12 November 2010
152. Fern of Malaysian Rain Forest Prof. Dr. Umi Kalsom Yusuf 3 December 2010
153. Preparing Malaysian Youths for The World of Work: Roles of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Prof. Dr. Ab. Rahim Bakar 14 January 2011
154. Are there “Magic Bullets” for Cancer  Therapy? Prof Dr. Seow Heng Fong 11 February 2011
155. Biopharmaceuticals: Protection, Cure and the Real Winner Prof Dr. Mohd Azmi Mohd Lila 18 February 2011
156. Genetic Manipulation in Farmed Fish: Enhancing Aquaculture Production Prof Dr. Siti Shapor Siraj 25 March 2011
157. Coastal Biodiversity and Pollution: A Continuous Conflict Prof Dr. Ahmad Ismail 22 April 2011
158. Energy Crisis 2050? Global Scenario and Way Forward for Malaysia Prof. Ir. Dr. Norman Mariun 10 June 2011
159. Managing Plant Under Stress: A Challenge for Food Security Prof Dr. Mohd Razi Ismail 15 July 2011
160. Does Genetic Polymorphisms Affect Health? Prof. Dr. Patimah Ismail 23 September 2011
161. Wonders of Glass: Synthesis, Elasticity and Application Prof. Dr. Sidek Ab. Aziz 7 October 2011
162. Fruits: Nutritious, Colourful, Yet Fragile Gifts of Nature Prof. Dr. Azizah Osman 14 October 2011
163. Climate Change: Crop Performance and Potential Prof. Dr. Mohd. Fauzi Ramlan 11 November 2011
164. Mathematical Modeling with Generalized Function Prof. Dr. Adem Kilicman 25 November 2011
165. My Small World: In Biomedical Research Prof. Dr. Fauziah Othman 23 December 2011
166. The Marine Angiosperms, Seagrass Prof. Dr. Japar Sidik Bujang 23 March 2012
167. Air Quality and Children’s Environmental Health: Is Our Future Generation at Risk? Prof. Dr. Zailina Hashim 30 March 2012
168. Where is the Beef? Vantage Point form the Livestock Supply Chain Prof. Dr. Zainal Abidin Mohamed 27 April 2012
169. Genetic Characterisation of Animal Genetic Resources for Sustainable Utilisation and Development Prof. Dr. Jothi Malar Panandam 30 November 2012
170. The Good The Bad & Ugly of Food Safety: From Molecules to Microbes Prof. Dr. Fatimah Abu Bakar 7 December 2012
171. My Colourful Sketches from Scratch: Molecular Imaging Prof. Dr. Abdul Jalil Nordin 5 April 2013
172. Lower Respiratory Infections in Children: New Pathogens, Old Pathogens and the Way Forward Prof Dr. Norlijah Othman 19 April 2013
173. Steroid -like Prescriptions English Language Teaching Can ill-afford Prof Dr. Jayakaran Mukundan 26 April 2013
174. Photothermals Affect Our Lives Prof Dr. Azmi Zakaria 7 June 2013
175. Design Informatics Prof Dr. Rahinah Ibrahim 21 June 2013
176. Natural Products from Malaysian Rainforests Prof. Dr. Gwendoline Ee Cheng 1 November 2013
177. The Many Facets of Statistical Modeling Prof Dr. Noor Akma Ibrahim 22 November 2013
178. Bonding with Natural Fibres Prof Dr. Paridah Md. Tahir 6 December 2013
179. Livestock Breeding: The Past, The Present and The Future Prof. Dr. Abd. Wahid Haron 9 December 2013
180. Exploring Biodiversity & Fisheries Biology: A Fundamental Knowledge for Sustainable Fish Production Prof Dr. Aziz Arshad 24 January 2014
181. Competitiveness of Beekeeping Industry in Malaysia Prof Dr. Mohd Mansor Ismail 21 March 2014
182. Food and Wealth from the Seas: Health Check for the Marine Fisheries of Malaysia Prof. Dato‘ Dr. Tai Shzee Yew 25 April 2014
183. Waste to Health: Organic Waste Management for Sustainable Soil Management and Crop Production Prof. Datin Dr. Rosenani Abu Bakar 9 May 2014
184. Poultry Viruses: From Threat to Therapy Prof. Dr. Abdul Rahman Omar 23 May 2014
185. Tracing the Untraceable: Fingerprinting Pollutants through Environmental Forensics Prof. Dr. Mohamad Pauzi Zakaria 13 June 2014
186. Space System Trade-offs: Towards Spacecraft Synergisms Prof. Dr. -Ing. Ir. Renuganth Varatharajoo 15 August 2014
187. Tranformasi Kesihatan Wanita ke Arah Kesejahteraan Komuniti Prof. Dr. Latiffah A. Latiff 7 November 2014
188. Fat and Oils for a Healthier Future: Makro, Micro and Nanoscales Prof. Dr. Tan Chin Ping 21 November 2014
189. Lignocellulosic Biofuel: A Way Forward Prof. Dr. Suraini Abd. Aziz 28 November 2014
190. Biobased Lubricants: Harnessing the Richness of Agriculture Resources Prof. Dr. Robiah Yunus 30 January 2015
191. Discovering Future Cures from Photochemistry to Metabolomics Prof. Dr. Khozirah Shaari 13 February 2015
192. Population Ageing in Malaysia: A Mosaic of Issues, Challenges and Prospects Prof. Dr. Tengku Aizan Tengku Abdul Hamid 13 March 2015
193. Forest Biodiversity: Importance of Species Composition Studies Prof Datin Dr. Faridah Hanum Ibrahim 27 March 2015
194. Feeding & Nutritional Requirements of Young Fish Prof Dr. Mohd Salleh Kamarudin 10 April 2015
195. Money Boy: Masalah Sosial Era Generasi Y Prof Dato’ Dr. Mohammad Shatar Sabran 8 Mei 2015
196. Developing Students’ Mathematical Thinking: How Far Have We Come? Prof. Dr. Aida Suraya Md. Yunus 5 June 2015
197. Malaysian Cocoa or Chocolates: A Story of Antioxidants and More… Prof. Dr. Amin Ismail 14 August 2015
198. Casting Technology: Sustainable Metal Forming Process Prof Dr. Shamsuddin Sulaiman 21 August 2015
199. Journey into Genetic: Taking the Twist and Turns of Life Prof. Dr. Rozita Rosli 23 October 2015
200. The Un(Straight) Truth About Trees Prof. Dr. Nor Aini Ab Shukor 6 November 2015
201. Advancing Concrete Materials and Systems: The Search Continues Prof. Dato’ Dr. Ir Mohd Saleh Jaafar 13 November 2015
202. Germinated Brown Rice and Bioactive Rich Fractions: On Going Journey form R&D to Commercialisation Prof. Dr. Maznah Ismail 29 April 2016
203. Amazing Journey to Robust Statistics Discovering Outliers for Efficient Prediction Prof. Dr. Habshah Midi 6 May 2016
204. Going Green with Bionanocomposites Prof. Dr. Mansor Ahmad @ Ayob 27 May 2016
205. Exploring Efficient Numerical Methods for Differential Equations Prof. Dr. Fudziah Ismail 23 September 2016
206. Meandering Through the Superb Scientific World of Pathology: Exploring Intrapolations Prof. Dr. Noordin Mohamed Mustapha 30 September 2016
207. Teaching for Quality Learning: A Leadership Challenge Prof. Dr. Mohd. Majid Konting 21 October 2016
208. Are University Students Getting Enough Interethnic Communication and Diversity Engagement Experiences? Concerns and Considerations Prof. Dr. Ezhar Tamam 11 November 2016
209. Enhancing Extension Education Research using Structural Equation Modeling Prof. Dr. Bahaman Abu Samah 18 November 2016
210. Fighting the Hepatitis B Virus: Past, Present & Future Prof. Dr. Wen Siang Tan 9 December 2016
211. Postharvest: An Unsung Solution for Food Security Prof. Dr. Mahmud Tengku Muda Mohamed 20 January 2017
212. Mental Health in the Community- Malaysia: A 20 -Year Journey of a Family Medicine Consultant Prof Dr. Sherina Mohd Sidik 27 January 2017
213. Low Density Wood: From Poor to Excellent Prof. Dr. Zaidon Ashaari 10 Februari 2017
214. Lightning: A Bolt from the Blue Prof. Ir Dr. Mohd Zainal Ab. Kadir 17 February 2017
215. No Less Than a Women: Improving Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis Prof. Datin Dr. Rozi Mahmud 17 Mac 2017
216. The Malaysian Furniture Industry: Charting Its Growth Potential Prof. Dr. Jegatheswaran Ratnasingam 7 April 2017
217. Animal Feed: The Way Forward Prof. Dr. Loh Teck Chewn 21 April 2017
218. Rigid Ceramic Filters: Numerical Simulation of The Pressure & Velocity Distributions Prof. Dr. Luqman Chuah Abdullah 5 May 2017
219. Diacylglycerols: Healthy Fats of the Future Prof. Dr. Lai Oi Ming 19 May 2017
220. Parenting What Matters Most? Prof. Dr. Rozumah Baharudin 26 May 2017
221.  “KEMISKINAN DAN KERENTANAN” Penelitian Konsep dan Pengukuran dalam Era Revolusi Industri 4.0 Prof. Dr. Laily Paim