Universiti Putra Malaysia Veterinary Medicine

By | February 26, 2018

Universiti Putra Malaysia Veterinary Medicine

Universiti Putra Malaysia Veterinary Medicine,check out Universiti Putra Malaysia Veterinary Medicine below

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Veterinary medicine (dvm)

 Shah Alam  

Course Overview

The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) programme is designed to produce graduates in veterinary science, specifically in animal production and animal disease diagnosis, treatment, control and investigation.
The programme consists of two major aspects, which are animal science that provides graduates with necessary knowledge to contribute to various animal and livestock industries and veterinary medicine to serve as practitioners in veterinary clinics and hospitals.
The Faculty of Veterinar Medicine graduates are recognized by and registrable with the Malaysian Veterinary Council (MVC) to obtain annual practicing certificates, which allow them to practice as accredited veterinarians in Malaysia.
The employment opportunity for the DVM graduates is huge, that is either as a veterinary officer in the government, private sectors or companies involved in the veterinary industry. Many graduates are expected to be independent and chose to open their own veterinary clinics.
For those interested in academia and research, they are eligible to pursue the master and doctorate degrees to expand their knowledge base.
Admission Requirements

    • A minimum C Grade at GCE Ordinary (O) level in any two (2) subjects chosen from Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics/Additional Mathematics.
    • Credits at GCE Advanced (A) level in:
        • Mathematics/Additional Mathematics
        • One (1) Science subject
        • Two (2) other subjects

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