Universiti Putra Malaysia Hospital

By | February 21, 2018

Universiti Putra Malaysia Hospital

Universiti Putra Malaysia Hospital,find information on Universiti Putra Malaysia Hospital below

Introduction & History


The University Health Center, Universiti Putra Malaysia was established in 1974, aimed to provide healthcare services for the students. The Dental services were first introduced eight years later. Starting on the 1st of  April 1994, our Medical and Dental services were extended to the UPM staff and their dependents. On the high level of commitment shown by the university’s top management in regards to staff healthcare, in 2003 the University Health Center was given the responsibility in providing continuous medical care for UPM retirees and their dependents. Recognizing the role and importance of our corporate social responsibility with the surrounding community, the University Health Center also provides services to the public with a reasonable rate of charge.
UPM University Health Center has now become one of Malaysia’s leading university healthcare centers, with primary medical and dental services covering various fields, including Public Health Services, Occupational Safety and Health Services (OSH), Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services, as well as enhanced diagnostic laboratory and medical imaging services, in line with its vision and mission to become a primary health center at par with developed countries. UPM University Health Center will continue to be relevant and be the center of choice for the community of Universiti Putra Malaysia


Vision & Mission Services

 To become a University Health Center that provides Medical and Dental services in the field of Primary Care at par with services in developed countries.


“UPM University Health Center offers multidisciplinary primary healthcare services including medical, dental, medical check up and diagnostic services for UPM community and the public.”

Staff and Officers
“To ensure the health of our customers is well-kept, the University Health Center staff are always happy to help.”
Medical Officers
“With love we serve.”
Dental Officer and Staff
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Diagnostic (Laboratory & X-Ray)
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