Universiti Putra Malaysia Faculties

By | February 21, 2018

Universiti Putra Malaysia Faculties

Universiti Putra Malaysia Faculties,For Universiti Putra Malaysia Faculties check out the information below


UPM has 16 faculties offering a variety of academic programmes to meet the current needs. The self-accreditation status awarded to UPM has greatly influenced the offering of high quality academic programmes and highlighted UPM as an excellent research university in the nation.

The following is a list of faculties in UPM:
»Faculty of Agriculture
»Faculty of Forestry
»Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
»Faculty of Economics and Management
»Faculty of Engineering
»Faculty of Educational Studies
»Faculty of Science
»Faculty of Food Science and Technology
»Faculty of Human Ecology
»Faculty of Modern Language and Communication
»Faculty of Design and Architecture
»Faculty of Medicine and Health Science
»Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
»Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences
»Faculty of Environmental Studies
»Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences (UPMKB)