Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Hostel

By | March 13, 2018

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Hostel

Universiti Malaysia Sarawak Hostel, for those who intend to apply for hostel accommodation facility in UNIMAS, please be informed that a new initiative to place students is carried out by UNIMAS Holdings Sdn Bhd. Applications for a place at the on-campus hostel known as Dahlia College is now open. Kindly, download the form, fill in the form (Residence Application Form.pdf) and submit accordingly or students can click on the link given (Residential- Dahlia College ). Applications from prospective students will only be considered once the student has been granted admission into a study program at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. Any further enquiries please contact Mr. Justin Baba from UNIMAS Holdings Sdn Bhd at 082-222000 or email justin_baba78@yahoo.com or to annie@unimasholdings.com.

Graduate students must be aware that the accomodation facility, are extremely limited in numbers and depending on availability.

Students are advised to be prepared to stay in a rented accommodation outside the campus.

Please note that accommodation is NOT under CGS jurisdiction. Students are advised to arrange for their accomodation themselves and this must be done BEFORE arriving at UNIMAS.



International students will be allocated in a student’s college which have a single or twin sharing room with a common bathroom and sitting area, cost being then RM15.00 per day/per person. All the apartments are equipped with basic furniture, i.e. A bed with a mattress, a table, a chair, a wardrobe, a fan, rubbish bin and a broom. Pillows are provided but linen and blanket are not. Appointed cleaning service will take care of the public places but it is the students’ responsibility to clean their own rooms and apartment. Telephone and internet line are provided in each apartment.

There are different apartment for women and men. Men are not allowed to visit the women’s apartment, and vice-versa. Overnight visitors are not allowed but your friends are welcome to visit you at daytime.At least some of the restaurants will be open during the semester breaks if enough students stay on the campus. In case you wish to continue living at the apartment after the exams or during semester breaks, you can apply for a permit to do that. The college caretaker will inform you about the application procedure.The students can opt for Apartment rental to be charged by monthly, semester or when checking out by given prior notice to the college care taker. However all the payments should be done at UNIMAS Finance Department where official receipt will be issued.

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