Universiti Malaysia Sabah Nursing

By | March 14, 2018

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Nursing

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Nursing,below is Universiti Malaysia Sabah Nursing below

Nursing Program

A warm from the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Nursing is a noble profession that is recognized not only recognized locally but also globally. It is a rewarding career that allows one to provide the best care to their patient, thus will enhance satisfaction towards the care that is rendered to the patients.
Our Diploma in Nursing programme is designed in creating professionalism, teamwork and caring aspect towards the patients. Quality patient care is a road of recovery therefore our students are exposed to various and multidisciplinary settings to allow them to provide a vital and component care to the patients.
Therefore, once again I wish all of you a warm welcome to our department and do your best to thrive and achieve your dreams in being a professional nurse for the society and nation.

 Diploma in Nursing

The Universiti Malaysia Sabah Nursing Programme strives to excel in providing an education that is based upon the principle of the belief in God. Students are nurtured to be progressive, disciplined, integrated as well as balanced in their intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual outlook. These attributes will ensure that the graduates are equipped to contribute significantly towards the well-being of our society and Nation.
The Universiti Malaysia Sabah Nursing Programme strives to produce nurses who are competent and caring through its priority of academic excellence, training in holistic modern nursing practice and innovative research.
The Universiti Malaysia Sabah Nursing Programme will provide nursing education of the highest quality based upon the most excellent nursing standards that encompass preventive, curative and rehabilitative care. We emphasize upon a culture of professionalism, integrity and teamwork in the provision of best practice health care.
The Diploma of Nursing Programme has been designed to:

  • Equip nursing students with sound knowledge and skills required for professional nursing practice;
  • Provide a solid educational foundation from which students may proceed to higher levels of nursing education;
  • Value and nurture creativity in developing human potential; and
  • Encourage students to be both critical thinkers and independent lifelong learners.

In order to achieve these attributes, students are required to be proactive in all of educational activities of the Programme.