Universiti Malaysia Sabah Civil Engineering

By | March 12, 2018

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Civil Engineering

Universiti Malaysia Sabah Civil Engineering,below is Universiti Malaysia Sabah Civil Engineering



Civil Engineering is concerned with the planning, design and construction of the infrastructure for the benefit of mankind. Civil engineers are creative professionals who combine theory, practical and managerial skills in their work activities. The Civil Engineering programme at UMS contain elements of theoretical and practical nature and designed to provide students with a sound basis for a professional career. Students learn among others, materials, structures, geotechnics, hydraulics, water resources, surveying, management and law, accounting and final year research project. The theoretical aspects are reinforced with practical through laboratory sessions, design projects field works, industrial visits and training attachment. Courses that have been offered are: Civil Engineering Material, Engineering Geology, Statistic, Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Hydrology, Traffic and Highway and Finite Element Method
Staff / senior / geotechnical engineer, staff / senior / structural engineer, road maintenance engineer, project manager, highway and traffic engineer, engineer, water and wastewater treatment engineer, environmental engineer, building forensics engineer, drainage and irrigation engineer, maintenance engineer – structure, quantity surveyor, civil engineering tutor / lecturer.
The mission of the Engineering Programs is to augment the liberal education expected of all UMS undergraduates and impart an understanding of engineering on a foundation of physical science, mathematics, computing, and technology. Graduates of the undergraduate program are expected to possess knowledge of the fundamentals of engineering and of one specialty area. The graduates are expected to have the experimental, design, and communication skills to be prepared for continued study at the graduate level or for entry level positions of the highly competitive industry. In consultation with its stakeholders, the Engineering Programs at Faculty of Engineering have set their Program Objectives as follows:

  • Professional & Ethical Responsibility – Graduates of the programs should be able to attain professional recognition in their respective fields.
  • Continual Professional Development (CPD) – Graduates of the programs should continuously develop their professional and contemporary knowledge.
Faculty Of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sabah
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