Universiti Malaya Chemical Engineering

By | February 1, 2018

Universiti Malaya Chemical Engineering

Universiti Malaya Chemical Engineering, The Department of Chemical Engineering has its roots in the Chemical Technology course which was established in the Department of Chemistry in 1965. The first intake of students was in 1967 and the first group of graduates emerged in 1971. In 1975 the course in Chemical Technology was renamed Chemical Engineering and was placed under the wings of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya.

The Department of Chemical Engineering aspires:

  • To produce graduates who have a solid knowledge of engineering fundamentals, principles and applications.
  • To instil in graduates a sense of accountability and responsibility to the environment and society with respect to professional ethics, social conduct and the environment.
  • To equip graduates with the ability to apply critical thinking to identify, formulate and solve chemical engineering related problems.

Research Interest

  • Development of aerated and non-aerated powder cohesion measurement methods.
  • Removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution using modified activated carbon.
  • Development of PVC-precipitated nano-calcium carbonate surface modification formulation using palm based stearic acid.
  • Development of super lightweight completion fluid for improving hydrocarbon flow.
  • Application of non-conventional solvents in the extraction of aromatics from aromatics/aliphatics mixtures.
  • Production of PAN/CNT based carbon nanofibers using electro-spinning technique.
  • Biodiesel production from RBD palm oil using membrane react

Programme Offered

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Che Rosmani Binti Che Hassan
Head of Department
T: (603) 7967 5206 / 5313
F: (603) 7967 5319
E: rosmani@um.edu.my