Universiti Malaya Bendahari

By | February 6, 2018

Universiti Malaya Bendahari

Universiti Malaya Bendahari, Universiti Malaysia Sabah Bursar Department is responsible for the financial affairs of the universiti. The Bursar Department also manages the revenue and axpenditure of the university. The Administration Office of the Bursar Department is located at Level 3, South Block, Chancellory Building. Bursar Department has its own mission in promoting Universiti Malaysia Sabah as one of the reknowned universities in the world. The Mission and Vision of Bursar Department are :


“To implement and practice financial management system with integrity, transparency and accountability”


“To offer an effective and efficient financial management and accounting services to all University customers”

Welcome to the Bursar Department of Universiti Malaysia Sabah.
I really hope that this website can be used as the mode of communication between the Bursar Department and the students and staff of UMS. We at the Bursar Department are committed to providing professional financial-related assistance to students, parents, contractors, third party agencies and campus community of UMS.
The Bursar Department strives to offer the best possible services which are consistent with policies and regulations. We welcome any suggestions and queries and do let us know how we can better serve you.
Puan Zallifah Shadan