Tuanku Muhriz has consented to officiate Tuanku Muhriz Islamic Complex

By | February 28, 2018

Tuanku Muhriz has consented to officiate Tuanku Muhriz Islamic Complex


NILAI, October 4, 2017 –  The Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan Tuanku Muhriz Tuanku Munawir, opened the Tuanku Muhriz Islamic Complex at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) here, today.

Tunku Ampuan Besar Negeri Sembilan Tuanku Aishah Rohani Tengku Besar Mahmud, who is also USIM Chancellor, and Tunku Besar Seri Menanti Tunku Ali Redhauddin Tuanku Muhriz who is USIM Pro-Chancellor, also attended the programme.
Also present were Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri Utama Haji Mohamad Haji Hasan; USIM Board of Directors chairman, Professor Tan Sri Dzulkifli Abdul Razak and USIM Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dato’ Dr. Musa Ahmad.
Tuanku Muhriz Islamic Complex was completed on May 22, at a cost of RM20.2 million. The complex includes a multi-purpose hall, café, mosque with a capacity to accommodate a congregation of 4,000, and commercial spaces to be developed gradually.
Other facilities include corpse management rooms, multipurpose rooms for cooking activities, and zakat counters located next to the Tuanku Muhriz Islamic Complex administration office.
Speaking at the event, Datp’ Musa said May 26 was a historic day, when the Ramadan ‘tarawih’ prayers were held at the complex for the first time. Meanwhile, he said, on June 2, the state’s Deputy Mufti Nor Azamir Alias announced that Friday prayers would commence at the complex.
He said Tuanku Muhriz Islamic Complex was unique, in that Friday sermons would also be translated using sign language for knowledge to be more accessible to the disabled. He said the project was approved in the 8th Malaysia Plan, however, the allocation was channelled in the 10th Malaysia Plan.
Tuanku Muhriz also launched a special USIM publication entitled ‘Merintis Kampus Barakah’, depicting the 17-year journey in the university’s development.
After the launching ceremony, The Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan and the main guests graciously visited the exhibition sites which included the Liqa ‘Program description, simulation on studies of the kitab, Quran teaching simulations for sight, hearing and learning disability groups, the launching of wakaf Quran Isyarat (Sign) language project, description of board game concept namely Muamalat Interactive Game (MIG) and a visit around Tuanku Muhriz Islamic Complex led by USIM Vice Chancellor and Khairul Anuar, Director of the USIM Islamic Center.

Detailed of the events:
– Liqa’ Program
Liqa ‘ means meeting and within the context of USIM, all students from semester 1 to 6 will be divided into several groups to consistently appreciate the Shariah of Islam. Student involvement was measured at a minimum of seven meetings per semester and a pass in the Mutadayyin test set by USIM Islamic Center.
Mutadayyin, means theoretical or practical appreciation of Sharia Islamiyyah . In other words, a student who has high level of religious knowledge and is able to apply it consistently in life and learning. This element has sparked the formation of Liqa ‘University in implementing USIM’s efforts towards the formation of Graduates with the integration of Naqli and Aqli Knowledge.
-Studies of the Thurath Kitab
The Book of Thurath study is conducted at held at a large chair in the 4 main pillars as an effort to nurture knowledge in USIM. The courses taught include Feqah, Tauhid, Adab, Sirah and Arabic. The simulations of the book’ studied on display are the Thurath Book Studies, Arabic Studies, Quranic Studies and Quran and Sunnah Education for the Disabled.
-The Launching of Waqf Quran Isyarat (Sign Language)
The waqf project offers six packages for developing Quranic software to help the hearing disables to learn Quran through mobile applications.


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