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By | March 21, 2018

Taylors University ADP

Taylors University ADP.Below is Taylors University ADP

Welcome to the American Degree Transfer Program at Taylor’s University!

As head of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, I want to thank you for your interest in joining a dynamic and proven pathway to attaining a global education. With more than twenty years of history, the ADP program has, for decades, been nurturing talented young people from throughout Malaysia as they embark on individual journeys toward post-graduate success. Our faculty embrace a teaching philosophy that puts students at the center of a holistic educational experience that is closely mentored and unique. Moreover, each of our departments within ADP is linked to a wide range of universities and colleges: primarily in the United States, but also in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Much like students today, the American Degree Transfer Program is “going global,” and I am honored to have the opportunity to steward ADP at this exciting time in its development.

Our commitment to holism is reflected by our increasingly close relationships with institutions of liberal education abroad: by “liberal education” we mean education that focuses on preparing young people for positions of leadership and social responsibility, and for careers which will require integration of diverse technical and cultural proficiencies; multiple domains of knowledge; and intelligence that is both rational and empathetic. More and more, we seem to be encountering a world that is increasingly complex – Taylor’s University is committed to preparing students for such a world by teaching them how to become lifelong learners who can manage complexity and, from it, produce results that are good and useful to others as well as to themselves. Our sense of pragmatism therefore goes beyond a fixation with vocational mastery; rather, we are committed to recruiting future leaders who will steer organizations and even entire societies in the direction of positive change. We base this commitment on the charge given to us by our university’s chairman, who has envisioned the Taylor’s University mission as one of “educating the youth of the world to take their productive places as leaders in the global community.”

Please consider joining us. For families, we would like you to think of us as partners in preparing your college-age young person for a life that is both successful and self-actualized. For students, we hope that our committed faculty—an increasing number of whom are recognized globally in their fields—will help to serve as mentors as well as instructors, and provide an inspirational “bridge” toward opportunities that you will co-create through your own vision, hard work, and perseverance. We think that we have created an exceptional community here which will, through first-rate instruction and networks of alumni, help in enabling past, present, and future “Taylorians” to realize their dreams of success at the global level.

For a sense of the experiences, courses, and other opportunities which will mark your time with us as distinctive and “truly world-class,” I invite you to explore this website.

Matthew D Johnson, PhD

Executive Dean

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences ( FASS)


Actuarial Science
International Business
Artificial Intelligence
Computer Graphics
Computer Gaming
Computer Network
Software Development
Aerospace (Aeronautical) Engineering
Applied Science
Chemical / Petroleum Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electrical / Electronic Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Anthropology / Archeology
Mass Communication
Political Science