Sunway University ICAEW

By | June 21, 2017

Sunway University ICAEW

The Sunway Advantage

The only active ICAEW Partner in Learning in Southeast Asia

Sunway University ICAEW; Sunway College is the only active ICAEW Partner in Learning in Southeast Asia and has been providing quality teaching for the ICAEW programme since 2004.

Proven track record

The high pass rates and achievements of our students on the global front bear witness to the quality of our courses for the ACA examinations.

Effective relationships

We have strong professional relationships with ICAEW ATEs. Our courses are structured to compliment the work schedule of our students. In addition, we provide the ATEs with professional advice and updates on the performance of their students.

Synergy with ICAEW United Kingdom and ICAEW Malaysia

As a significant partner of the ICAEW in this region, we synergise in areas such as student and tutor support, application for training contract, learning materials, marketing activities, events of the ICAEW student society and many more.

Structured learning

Our courses are structured purposefully to prepare students for their examinations and consist of helpful lectures, question-based tutorials and effective revision classes.There are also internal progress tests and mock exams which are set in the closest exam environment possible so that our students can be fully prepared for their ICAEW exams.

Approved ICAEW e-assessment centre

Our students can have the convenience of taking their computer-based assessments in a familiar environment and can be assured of hassle-free assessment registration.