Sunway University Exchange Program

By | June 13, 2017

Sunway University Exchange Program

The follow Sunway University Exchange Program gives an opportunity to Sunway university students to experience different cultural backgrounds.

Do you enjoy meeting people from different cultures? Are you interested in exploring new places and learning new things? Have you wondered what it would be like to spend some time overseas?

If you replied ‘Yes” to any of the above, participate in one of the Sunway Cultural Exchange programmes!

Here is how you can get involved:

re is how you can get involved:

SCE Internship

The SCE Internship is a 6-month learning opportunity that includes a full scholarship for the Summer Programme at Lancaster University.
During these 6 months, the Intern will have the opportunity to:

  • Spearhead the Buddy Programme
  • Plan and coordinate inbound exchange programmes
  • Assist in overall operations of exchange programmes
  • Expand their international network
  • Learn and share their knowledge on Malaysia and its culture

During the 6 months, the Intern is responsible for:

  • Organising the Buddy Programme
  • Publicising the outbound programme


  • Lancaster-affiliated Degree programme student
  • Academic results of 60% and above
  • Graduating in July
  • Available to work part-time from April to July
  • Available to work full time in August and September
  • Strong communicator, a team player and creative problem solver
  • Active in extracurricular activities

Why be an intern?

  • Enjoy a full scholarship to the Sunway-Lancaster Summer Programme
  • Gain international exposure
  • Expand your network globally
  • Develop leadership skills and interpersonal skills
  • Practice skills in developing, managing and executing projects

What They Say:
Lim Hwei San, 2015
My internship with the SCE team was a life-changing experience. I was given the opportunity to participate in the outbound cultural exchange programme to Lancaster University (LU), fully sponsored by the department. The trip to UK was certainly eye-opening, for I’ve learnt so much about the world as well as myself. Upon returning from UK came the best part of the internship – hosting the LU students. My main responsibility was planning activities and events for the students with a team of ambassadors and buddies. The department gave us full autonomy and it was certainly empowering to be able to take ownership of our own projects. Being a part of SCE has helped me to develop multiple skills, and the experience is regarded as highly valuable in the eyes of employers, after I depart from my internship. The biggest takeaway from the internship? The lifelong friendships I’ve gained during my SCE journey.

Jason Yong, 2016
In essence, this is by far the most life-changing experience I have ever had in life. For starters, I was gifted the opportunity to participate in the outbound cultural exchange programme to Lancaster University (LU), UK, fully sponsored by the Student LIFE Centre. The trip was a constant exposure of various exciting elements of what LU has to offer and it was nothing but amazing. It is safe to say that with all the places I have visited while I was there, it was definitely the ideal ‘graduation trip’ for me. Upon returning from the UK, I was assigned the task of hosting the LU students in Sunway University. I was in charge of coordinating and planning activities with my fellow ambassadors in an effort to ensure the LU students get the most out of what Sunway University and Malaysia are all about. The collaboration with these ambassadors was really effective as it shed light on some of the key factors that are of utmost importance when it comes to proper teamwork in the workplace. I enjoyed myself as everyone, ambassadors and buddies alike, contributed greatly to the planning and execution of various activities in the programme. This has taught me crucial leadership and management skills, which will be of great use as I set my sights on the workforce upon the completion of this internship. The friendships that I have established with everyone in the programme are to be cherished for as long as I live. It has been such a wonderful journey for me and I hope more students will take the opportunity to experience the SCE programme in the many years to come.

SCE Ambassador Programme

Every year since 2012, a selected group of students get the opportunity to represent Sunway University as Ambassadors at Lancaster University. The Ambassadors participate in the Lancaster Leadership Camp which serves to develop strong leadership and cross cultural communication skills among students who are nominated by Sunway staff members. Upon returning from the camp, they will serve for a period of 6 months as ambassadors for the Sunway Cultural Exchange team.

  • Meeting with Lancaster University Student Union Officers
  • Interacting with Clubs & Societies on campus
  • Showcasing Malaysian culture to Lancaster students
  • Community Outreach and Volunteering Opportunities
  • Day Trip to London

During the 6 months, the Ambassador is responsible for:

  • Recruitment of buddies
  • Organising the Buddy Programme
  • Publicising the outbound programme

What They Say:

Tay Xin Ying, 2016
I am really grateful that I was granted a chance to participate in this Sunway Cultural Exchange programme. Not only did I gain amazing personal experiences and growth, I also got to widen my social network with friends from different countries. Thanks to this opportunity, I got to understand more about the UK culture as well as sharing my knowledge of our culture to my beloved Lancaster buddies.

Regina Lee, 2015
The 2-week leadership programme was comprehensive and we managed to experience, taste and smell all that we can within the duration of two weeks.
Sam Shu Jing, 2015
The memories and experiences that I have gained from this programme are priceless and unique in the best way possible!
Destinee Koh, 2014
The exchange programme helped me develop business skills at challenges that required out-of-the-box thinking. This experience has also reinforced my resume in the future and helped me gain competitive advantage. This programme has helped me strengthen my character, developing leadership by being more respectful and tolerant of others.

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Lancaster Winter Leadership Programme

The Lancaster Winter Programme is a 2-week programme that focuses on the development of an international mind set, transferable skills and employability of students. Participants will get to experience Lancaster University during term time and interact with students on campus. They will also get to get a taste of the many activities happening while the university is in session. Some highlights of the programme are:

  • Community Outreach Day
  • Environmental Volunteering Day
  • Business and Enterprise Interaction Day
  • Get to know the Student’s Union Officers
  • Society and College Involvement
  • Day Trip to London

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Asia Social Entrepreneurship Programme

The Asia Social Entrepreneurship Programme is a 3-week credit bearing programme that aims to introduce social entrepreneurship in Malaysia.
In these 3 weeks, students will have the opportunity to:
a) Experience life and cultures in Malaysia
b) Learn about Social Entrepreneurship
c) Learn about Social enterprises in Malaysia and also have an hands-on experience within enterprises

  • Minimum CGPA 2.50 or equivalent
  • Proof of English Proficiency for non-native speakers as all activities will be conducted in English

Application Process

  • Submit application form and fee by 31 March
  • Confirmation email will be sent to you by 15 April
  • Submit programme fee by 30 April

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Lancaster Summer Programme

The Lancaster Summer Programme is a 3-week programme that focuses on the development of an international mind set, transferable skills and employability of students. With these opportunities, the institution hope that the participants will develop strong international networks as they move towards building a career. In these 3 weeks, students will be exposed to 5 areas of development:
a) Academia
b) Community
c) Business
d) Government
e) Personal development

  • Visiting the farming industry
  • Local business visits
  • Networking with alumni
  • Volunteering in local communities

What They Say:
Angelo Estella, 2014
I have acquired so many things on this trip. Not only chocolates and souvenirs, but memories, experiences, and skills. I feel that I am much more confident in my speech when I converse with people. It definitely made me outspoken on what I believe in. My organisational skills are tested when it involves time due to the heavy schedule. The workshops were able to provide me with challenges that tested my problem solving and analytical skills. The enterprising and business sessions gave me an insight on how and what it is like to start and run a business in the UK. This inspired me to be a more business-minded person and also to learn how to apply sustainability in the field of business. I am glad to say that this trip truly impacted me and this is something I will never forget.
Erin Lim, 2014
The cultural exchange programme not only exceeded my expectations but it has also widened my horizon in many ways. I have learned how to interact with people from various nationalities, and understand and respect the cultural differences amongst the participants. Through the activities planned for us, I am challenged to be more open-minded, critical and creative in my thinking, and I have improved on my communication and networking skills. All in all, I have now made friends and connections from all over the world in hopes that we are able to build a harmonious and integrated community globally.

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Korean Exchange

The Korean Exchange is a 3-week summer exchange programme that aims to provide hands-on opportunities for students to learn about Korea through Korean language classes and cultural activities. This programme mainly consists of classroom lectures, cultural sessions and field trips to cultural and historic places.

  • Korean Cultural Workshop
  • Lectures
  • Cultural Activities
  • Field Trip to historical sites

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Sunway Cultural Exchange

The Sunway Cultural Exchange is a 3-week programme that gives participants an opportunity to learn about Malaysia in areas of culture, business, government, volunteerism and academics. At the end of the programme, the institution hopes that participants are able to gain knowledge on the Malaysian culture and also expand their network across the globe.
Minimum CGPA 2.50 or equivalent
Active participant in extracurricular activities
Proof of English Proficiency for non-native speakers as all activities will be conducted in English
Application Process
Submit application form and fee by 30 April
Confirmation email will be sent to you by 15 May
Submit Programme fee by 30 May
Experiencing homestay
Volunteering in local communities
Going on the Great Malaysian Food Tour
Visiting religious sites
What They Say
Lorenzo Coni (Italy), 2016
During these three weeks not only my mind became richer with eye-opening experiences, but my heart grew bigger day by day as I got to know such wonderful people as our buddies and all of our Malaysian hosts. Without them this trip wouldn’t have been the same and I wouldn’t be lucky enough to call them my friends. All of the effort they put in organising, managing and realising this exchange programme made it a special experience that, I’m sure will never be forgotten.
Tom Ley (UK), 2012
If there is one the thing the country seemed to have in abundance, it was diversity. The greatest example of this for me was, quite simply, the food. It soon struck me that Malaysia has a little bit of everything; a bit of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Western culture, food and language, a bit of urban and a bit of rural, and certainly enough tall buildings to get a proper view of it all. The history and culture is as diverse as the food, as different influences collide and combine to make something unique
Despina Michail (UK), 2014
When I entered the airport to get my flight to Malaysia I knew no one. Luckily for me, I had the chance to meet people there that even though there is a huge possibility of not seeing them again in my life, I have created such bonds with them that I consider them my family. This is the actual reason that my trip was unforgettable. Not the buildings or the taste of food that faded away after the first sip of water. It was the fact that I saw and experienced all these through the eyes of special people. They are the reason why Malaysia is now part of my heart and not just a shaded region on a map. This is also the reason I feel like I will never be completely at home again.

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