Open University Malaysia Cawangan Sarawak

By | March 7, 2018

Open University Malaysia Cawangan Sarawak

Open University Malaysia Cawangan Sarawak, We are a unique private university owned by a consortium that comprises Malaysia’s first 11 public universities. These public universities lend us their prestige and expertise in various fields to add value to our wide range of academic programmes.
The University has been offering various programmes for more than 16 years, and we are constantly searching for ways to improve the learning experience. In the spirit of moving ever forward through innovation and a dedication to quality, OUM has embarked on several initiatives to make studying even more accessible, affordable and flexible.
For starters, the overall structure of our programmes will undergo continuous enhancement in order to improve services to our learners. We will leverage on our e-learning platform, known as myINSPIRE, to deliver programmes. With useful tools and applications available within myINSPIRE, 80 percent of programmes will be conducted fully-online, while 20 percent will involve a combination of online studies and face-to-face tutorials. New learners will enjoy real-time guidance during tutorials and gradually ease into the fully-online structure of the ODL approach.
Learners will be assessed through assignments and tasks, while final examinations will involve multiple-choice questions and essays. Learners have the opportunity to test their understanding by taking quizzes on myINSPIRE, which OUM will then assess by taking their best score to represent their performance in a particular course.
We have also introduced a mobile app called myOUM that will serve as our all-in-one mobile platform, thus making it possible for learners to perform various learning activities using only their smartphones.
With these exciting features, we hope that our learners will have a wonderful experience studying at OUM. Through technology, learning can happen anytime, anywhere, but it is by focusing on quality that we believe everyone can achieve their dreams through ODL.
Do reach out if you would like to learn more. We would be happy to hear from you!


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