Geosains Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

By | March 15, 2018

Geosains Universiti Malaysia Kelantan

Geosains Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Geosains in the Malaysians language means Geoscience and Geoscience is  a department under the  Faculty of Earth Sciences (FSB) began operating in Jeli Campus in April 2012. Before it was established as a faculty, the Department of Earth Sciences was first established on 8 June 2009 as one of the departments at the Faculty of Agro Industry and Natural Resources (FASA). The experience of managing several programs in almost 3 years makes this department ready to form new faculties in MSE. At the beginning of its establishment, FSB offers three undergraduate programs of applied science, Natural Science, Sustainability Science and Geoscience.
In addition to strengthening existing programs, FSB devised several new programs and has successfully offered a new program of Materials Technology in 2013 and Forest Resources Technology in 2014. To date (January 2016), there are five undergraduate programs at FSB. In addition, a master’s degree in science and philosophy is also offered at FSB. All these academic programs are supervised by three departments, namely the Natural Resources Technology Department, the Geoscience Department and the Natural Resources and Sustainability Department.


   Pioneer in advancing science and technology of natural resources sustainably through         entrepreneurship



To provide quality education and training to produce human resources in the area of ​​entrepreneurship of natural resources and the environment     Conduct innovative and sustainable research towards wealth creation     Providing services to the community through the development and dissemination of knowledge and skills